Immigration Law

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We provide services relating to applications and reapplications for visas, legal opinions, waiver applications, appeals, request for information, consultancy services, etc. Our team of immigration lawyers will assist you with the following:

  • Overseeing all aspects of visa application to ensure that the process runs smoothly.
  • Conduct interviews with you to determine your suitability for the visa category applied for.
  • Ensuring all information provided are accurate and relevant to the application made.
  • Providing guidance on security and medical clearance processing where applicable.
  • Advising on documentations necessary to prove statements or representations made in your application.
  • Completing all relevant application forms, and ensuring that they are received within the limited period set by the visa authority.
  • Booking online visa interview and/ or application appointments, where applicable.
  • Assessing grounds of refusal and advising accordingly as to whether there is a legal basis to challenge decision of refusal.